Sunday, September 10, 2017

Argentine Tango Radio stats, 2017 July

I haven't posted stats for for a while now, here they are for July 2017: listenership for summer months stabilized around 300,000 listeners (roughly 10,000 listeners per day). Also, by around the end of July, the radio served its 3 millionth listener in its year-and-a-half existence.

In addition the program Danceable Tangos of the Year have been accessed over 50,000 times. I hear there are some weekly practicas where they put in the episodes one-by-one as practice music!

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank our six patrons for their regular support of the radio: thanks Endre Szeghalmi, Róbert Rózsa Fekete, Tűz család, Terry Bauch, Markus Frees, and Edward Johnson for your monthly donations! 1-2 USD/month may not be much but it adds up and I certainly appreciate it greatly!

If you are considering becoming a patron yourself, here is the link:


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Attila József: Two hexameters

Why should I keep my honor? I will be done in anyway!
Why shouldn't I keep my honor! I will be done in anyway.

Monday, April 24, 2017


The past Saturday milonga in Vienna marked my 200th gig as a tango DJ! This was made up of 128 invitations (41 sets in larger (marathon/encuentro/festival/) events and 87 sets in regular, 3-6 hours long milongas) and 72 sets in self-organized events (almost all of which were regular 3 hour long milongas in Budapest, although 11 of them were longer "pre-marathon" milongas visited by early-bird traveling marathon dancers as well as locals).

Not having a FB account, not traveling around without being invited, not organizing larger events, not benefitting from reciprocity from inviting other other organizers to DJ etc. are definitely not helping visibility, but I'm actually quite happy with how these past few years worked out and I am grateful for the amazing experiences making dancing people happy allowed me to have. Good times!

Analyzing my past playlists I also made some observations about patterns I was not fully aware of before; when I have more time I'll maybe write up a post although I think this probably interests one person: me. For now, out of these 200 sets:

  • Most frequently played tango happened to be: Aníbal Troilo, Francisco Fiorentino: Te aconsejo que me olvides.
  • Most frequently played vals happened to be: Alfredo De Angelis, Carlos Dante, Julio Martel: Pobre flor (Primera ilusión). (Not super-happy to admit this, but well.)
  • Most frequently played milonga happened to be: Edgardo Donato: El torito.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Tango dissection for a musicality class

I was recently asked to teach a "musicality class" where I talked about the structure of different tangos, focusing on the placement of the vocal sections, the dominant violin sections, and their relationship to "softer dancing".

In preparation I spent a fair bit of time dissecting the six tangos I used in the class as illustrations. To allow everyone to keep his/her own pace I now uploaded some parts of the handout I gave out, together with the linked audio segments. It is a work in progress and surely contains mistakes (note: I have no formal musical training!), but for your amusement you can check it out here:

The tangos are: Canaro-Maida: Cara sucia (1937); D'Arienzo-Echagüe: Pensalo bien (1938); D'Arienzo-Echagüe: No mientas (1938); Rodríguez-Moreno: Cómo se pianta la vida (1940); Di Sarli-Podestá: Nada (1944); Troilo-Marino: Cotorrita de la suerte (1945).